Advent Calendars - where do they come from and why do we love them?

We all love being spoilt every now and again, be it a small treat from yourself or a nice surprise from a friend or family member. No matter the occasion, we can all agree there is no better period to be spoilt than during December.

Christmas aside, there is so much to be done; Christmas lights are being lit, family and friends are flying in, new years is right around the corner and most important of all, we can finally buy Advent Calendars.

Yes. Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars

While Christmas Day is truly amazing, opening gifts 24 days in a row is the real deal. Tucked away behind a small cardboard door wonderful treats await. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

Many aren't sure of where this tradition comes from. Many say Gerhard Lang, who as a child, was given 24 sweets every day on the leadup to Christmas Day by his mom cashed in on the idea as an adult. 

Whatever the real story, we can all agree this invention has truly changed our lives and bring a smile to our face every December. 

While we love snacking on a delicious chocolate surprise every day we wanted to create something luxurious and unique while also keeping the fun and excitement of those same Advent Calendars we loved as kids. 

This is where our range came into existence. We wanted an Advent Calendar to fit everyone's lifestyle. Be it a quiet night in, a wild weekend out or just something new. 

For the beer and booze lovers ...

Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Finding the perfect beer is not easy, with so many different brands and malts out there you’d have to go to every pub in the country until you’ve tried them all. To make this easier on you, this advent calendar was created. An outstanding collection of 24 beers, sure to have the one you’ve been searching for!

Craft Beer & Serious Snacks Advent Calendar

Is filled with exotic beers and delicious snacks take the experience to the next level. Filled with our best selling and most unique beers, this is the perfect advent calendar for those seeking to try something new or just looking for a perfect gift for someone. 

Craft Beer and Chocolate Advent Calendar

A classic but with an adult twist, combining the best of both world. Bringing back those sweet memories from when we were younger with some newly acquired taste. 

Premium Booze Advent Calendar

With Christmas period being so hectic sometimes we forget to take a break. This is where this calendar comes in. Perfect for a much-needed break. Be it a relaxing after-hours drink or to save them up for an exciting weekend.

Premium Gin Advent Calendar

For those of us that prefer something sweet and smooth, the gin advent calendar is the perfect find. Perfect to help you taste 24 incredible flavoured gins and to help those long cold December night go a little faster. 

For the snack lovers ...

Christmas Snacking Feast Advent Calendar

Well, as the name suggests, this is an absolute feast. Not to blow our own horn? but it was selected as the best adult advent calendar of the year…. Just saying. -

Decadent Foodie Advent Calendar

Luxurious, perfectly balanced and absolutely delightful. This advent truly combines delicious snacks to a luxury lifestyle. The best selling and trending products in the market. Including many winners of the “Great Taste” award

Time for something new!

Vegan Snacking Advent Calendar

Most food advent calendars follow a similar pattern, but that usually means not everyone can join in on the fun. Why give up on certain traditions or have to go extreme lengths to find one that suits you? (not to mention the extreme prices out there)

We hope we can be a part of your Christmas tradition, and if you don’t have one, we most definitely would love to help you start one! Our Advent Calendars we’re an absolute blast to create and have exclusive combinations you will not see anywhere else. So, come check them out and make your countdown to Christmas a truly unforgettable one. 

Enjoy and see you next week for more foodie talk!