A Guide to Great UK Cheese Producers

At BoroughBox, we're huge cheese fans. From a classic mature cheddar with crackers and chutney, to grilled halloumi with pitta and hummus, or mozzarella with home-grown tomatoes.

To celebrate National Cheese Day, we’ve put together a guide on some of our favourite UK cheese companies that you can find on BoroughBox.

1) Godminster

 Where they’re based:  Bruton in Somerset

What type of cheese they produce: Godminster has an extensive range that includes organic cheddar, brie, smoked cheese, and even cheese birthday and wedding cakes! 

Why we love them: Godminster is a company that was born out of a love of organic farming and wildlife conservation. They’ve got an environmentally-friendly approach to everything they do, and the site that founder Richard bought is 1993 has been home to a dairy farm for over 100 years.

Favourite products:
We love their heart-shaped organic cheddar, and one day dream about devouring one of their multi-tiered cheese cakes!


2) Yorkshire Dama Cheese

Where they’re based: West Yorkshire

What type of cheese they produce: Seven flavours of Syrian style cheese made from British milk (a squeaky semi-hard cheese that’s similar to halloumi). There’s something for everyone -  plain, mint, chilli, rosemary, smoked za’atar, and nabulsi). They also sell labneh - spreadable yoghurt, and ricotta.

Why we love them: Razan Alsous the founder is an inspirational woman with an amazing story. She came to the UK after the war in Syria in 2012 with a microbiological background. Seeing a gap in the market for Syrian cheese, and living in a place with high quality milk available locally - she set up the company from scratch and it has gone from strength to strength. After just four months in operation, the company won the World Cheese Award Bronze Prize.

Favourite products: We love the exotic alternatives to traditional halloumi-style cheese such as their chilli squeaky cheese, and the Za’atar flavour.

3) The Cheese Makers’ Choice

Where they’re based: Reading

What type of cheese they produce:
Cheese-making kits so you can make your own cheese from scratch at home! This includes Italian trio kits (mozzarella, mascarpone, and ricotta),  goat’s cheese kits, and Mediterranean cheese making kits (feta and halloumi).

Why we love them: Founder Louisa was managing a commercial dairy, when she noticed a huge interest in cheese-making. A company motto is ‘we believe that cheese should be enjoyed by everyone’, and the team at BoroughBox couldn’t agree more! We love how the company helps turn people into artisan cheesemakers at home! The kits have everything you could possibly need - from dairy thermometers to cheese cloth, cheese molds, and a comprehensive cheese making guide.

Favourite products: We love the Italian cheese kit - especially the opportunity to make our own mozzarella at home. Homemade pizza anyone?! 

4) The Chuckling Cheese Company 

Where they’re based: Lymn Bank Farm, Lincolnshire

What type of cheese they produce: An amazing selection of flavoured cheddar cheeses made on the family farm - including garlic & chive, cranberry, smoked, caramelised red onion, chilli, mature, orange and whisky.

Why we love them: If variety is the spice of life - then The Chuckling Cheese Company has certainly got things right! We love their creativity, and how they continuously surprise us with the new flavour combinations they come up with. Orange and whisky and cheese - why not?! More good news - these delicious cheeses can also be frozen for up to 6 months.

Favourite products: Can we cheat and say our favourite product is the whole ‘Rainbow Nibble Nose Gift Box’? Ok, if we had to choose one, we’ll say the gorgeous caramelised red onion cheese.

So there you have it, four amazing UK-based cheese producers. You can find all of our delicious cheeses here on BoroughBox.