Inside the birch tree is a hidden treasure-trove of goodness. By the time the forest meltwater has been drawn up into the trunk, it's at its peak nutritionally speaking – as it has to be if it's going to spark the tree into new life! So, following the almost embarrassingly simple method that's been used for centuries, we drill a small hole in the trunk and release the water. Of course, we've got to be right on time, because this is only possible for a limited period in early spring, before the water turns bitter. Then we seal the hole up, and leave the tree to get on with the important business of waking up to spring.

Birch Water Tree Tapped Birch Water Tapped Tree Bag

As far as people are concerned, birch water was originally a valuable source of nutrition after a harsh, lean winter. And it was worth the wait, because as well as being chock-full of good things, it tasted fantastic! Which is why we're blowing our own trumpet here. So go ahead: enjoy our delicious, low-calorie drink without a single iota of guilt. Because you know that it's a gift straight from nature's table. 

Fresh and delicious, TreeVitalise comes already packed with a natural range of micronutrients to give  you the perfect boost. For those who like a little more variety, there are three types to choose from -  Original, Mint & Lemon -  pure as well as infused birch sap. No flavours added, only natural ingredients -  a first in the UK.

See the full Treevitalise Birch Water range here!

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