The Truffle Hunter - Buy truffles online with our latest artisan foodie trader.

We know what you're like - you're like us. You love exquisite food. You love knowing its origin and that it's pure and fresh and is exactly what it says it is on the tin. Well you will LOVE the Truffle Hunter.

The Truffle Hunter is the latest vendor to join BoroughBox and you guessed it ... they sell Truffle stuff! In fact they sell an exceptional range of truffles, truffle oils, truffle butters and other exceptional truffle products all sourced directly from Northern and Central Italy - the finest truffle growing area in the world - and then made available for you to buy truffles online at BoroughBox.

Truffle Hunters is a UK based family food business, sourcing Truffles from our Sibillini Mountain location in Central Italy and their sole business is specialising in all things truffle. From selling the absolute freshest high quality Italian Truffles through to truffle oils, truffle butter and other delicious truffle products.

The Truffle Hunters are truly passionate about truffles and the other the products that we produce to sell and like all BoroughBox vendors they believe in them totally. The Truffle Hunters and us guys here at BoroughBox just want more people to get the very maximum enjoyment out of what is an absolutely unique experience. The truffle is like no other food on the planet, I mean what other funghi has a name for their 'hunters'! We give you the trifolau! The truffle hunters of Italy!

In case you didn't know, truffles grow in the cool dirt between eight and ten inches below the surface in certain areas of Italy (and a few other places) but the Italian truffle is the real deal and the truffle requires specially trained dogs of a certain breed - Lagotto Romagnolo - to successfully seek them out before the wild boar do! The truffles occur naturally in the soil surrounding certain trees and although many have tried to grow them artificially, a farmed truffle remains elusive, hence their exclusivity and the seriousness that goes in to truffle hunting!

Through partnering with BoroughBox they are hoping to reach a whole new audience if discerning foodies who have quite probably sampled truffles in their favourite restaurants or bistros, like the flavour, enjoy the thought but have never cooked with them themselves at home. Well now you can impart that distinctive flavour into a wide variety of dishes.

As we have stated above, the fresh truffles that TruffleHunter sell are hunted in Northern and Central Italy, they are then cool packed and shipped immediately for the absolute optimum freshness. Here at BoroughBox we believe that they are quite simply THE finest fresh truffles available in the UK and with BoroughBox you can now buy your truffles online. BoroughBox will deliver TruffleHunter truffles and truffle products to their lucky buyers within just two or three days of being found and packed. From the TruffleHunter offices located in the Cotswolds, they have also developed an exceptional range of their very own absolutely incredible Truffle Oils.

Once the public grew to know of their truffle products like the oils and they sold out, they were encouraged to produce more truffle products to buy online. The Truffle Hunter is now producing a wide range of other truffle products using the finest Italian Truffles coupled together with a selection of some of the very best artisan Cotswold ingredients.

The TruffleHunter range of truffle products is ever expanding and their full range is available to buy through BoroughBox. Some of our favourite products in their truffle range includes White truffle butter and Black Truffle Butter, Preserved Truffles, some AMAZING White Truffle Honey as well as Black Truffle Salt, Truffle Mustards and some awesome dried porcini mushrooms. You can buy all of these truffle products online at BoroughBox.

TruffleHunter are the ONLY company in the United Kingdom who manufacture truffle products in the UK and we are proud to offer TruffleHunter goods for sale through BoroughBox. Their products are becoming widely recognised throughout the UK restaurant scene and you can now recreate that in your own home. Quite simply a Sunday morning scrambled eggs will never be the same again once you slice a dash of black truffle over the top. Luxury now begins at home. The range of TruffleHunter quality products cannot be beaten.

Buy yourself some awesome truffle products online here.