Try It Before It's Cool - Bio & Me

Granola made with science, to be good for your gut

Bio&Me is a granola founded upon science to support our microbiome (the trillions of bacteria in our gut).

Bio&Me was founded by Dr Megan Rossi, the UK’s leading authority on gut health. She’s a research fellow at King's College London, the founder of the Gut Health Clinic on Harley Street, and in the last 2 years has gained a following of over 250,000 on social media.

Getting pretty frustrated at the misleading nutrition information and unfounded health claims out there, Dr Megan founded Bio&Me to bridge the gap between science and our food, with a passion for helping people look after their health from the inside out. Food that tastes good and does your gut good too.

As a registered dietitian, nutritionist and research fellow at King's College London, Dr Megan is hugely dedicated to making it easier for us all to look after our guts, so we can all come to think of this newly appreciated organ as something beautiful.

And if that wasn't enough, she's also written her first book, Eat Yourself Healthy, as an easy-to-digest guide to gut health and beyond, which immediately became an Amazon best-seller!

While all this is jolly comforting, does it taste nice? It sure as heck does. Check out our Bio&Me collection below and be good to your gut.


The classic favourite, supercharged with extra seediness and nuttiness for your tastebuds and a healthy gut. We reckon you might just go nuts for it.


Naturally delicious with a fruity raspberry flavour – and it turns your milk pink! That’s the beetroot working its magic.


Cinnamon lovers of the world unite! Not too much, not too little, just the perfect balance. And we love it. Especially when mixed with apples. A match made in plant-based heaven.


If you love a chocolatey cereal, this one's for you. Just with absolutely none of that added sugar. Add in wholegrains, nuts and seeds - and this is one tasty way to start your day. Psst! It's great for big kids too!