Pasta d'Alba Founder Dario with Organic Durum Wheat Tagliatelle Featured on BoroughBox

Pasta d'Alba: Italian, Organic and Family Owned

Picture this: A lunch in early Spring, you’re outside, enjoying a fresh, organic Italian pasta dish you just whipped up and the sun is warming your face as you scoff it down. As the weather warms, we can all hope to realise this vision come Spring. With time to prepare, we wanted to shine a light on one of our finest pasta producers: Pasta d'Alba

The Beginning

Pasta d’Alba was established in the heart of Langhe in the Italian Piedmont region in 2006 thanks to the insight of its founder Dario Mainardi and his wife Rosangela, an expert in natural medicine and healthcare. They wanted to create a family-run, organic pasta workshop where Italian tradition and innovation meet.

The Pasta d'Alba Family Featured on BoroughBoxThe Pasta d'Alba Family Featured on BoroughBox

Family is at the centre of everything Pasta d’Alba is about. Dario and Rosangela were joined by their children Marco, Luisa and Laura who share their passion for organic Italian food and a healthy lifestyle. Dario, with his encyclopedic pasta knowledge, closely follows the production daily. It is from his inspiration that many of the Pasta d’Alba artisan pasta products have been created.

The Process

Far from being left to chance, their choice of raw materials is the result of a careful and constant selection process. They work with fresh-milled, stone-ground flours, all from certified organic, and in some cases biodynamic, farming. These include wholegrain, ancient grain, gluten-free and 100% legume flours. Who knew pasta was so complex? With each grain possessing a slightly different flavour profile, there’s no end to the pasta possibilities!

Pasta d'Alba Durum Wheat Tagliatelle Featured on BoroughBoxPasta d'Alba Durum Wheat Tagliatelle Featured on BoroughBox
Pasta d'Alba Durum Wheat Tagliatelle Featured on BoroughBoxPasta d'Alba Durum Wheat Tagliatelle Featured on BoroughBox

From the raw material selection to the meticulous preparation process, Pasta d’Alba follows a philosophy focused on quality and flavour. Their Italian pastas are hand-made, bronze-die-extruded and dried at very low temperatures for more than 20 hours to achieve their signature colours and delicious flavours.

Thanks to Rosangela’s studies into natural food and constant thirst for innovation, she created the remarkably tasty 100% gluten free pasta five years ago. Since then, it’s become one of Pasta d’Alba’s most popular products and a BoroughBox favourite!

Favourite Dish

When asked what his go-to pasta dish is, Dario’s favourite “is the organic and gluten-free green peas penne, which I like to prepare as a gratin cooked in the oven with courgettes, aubergines and our Mahjoub organic pasta sauce with artichokes and black olives. I like its texture and natural flavours which match perfectly as a vegan Spring dish.”



Pasta d'Alba Organic Gluten-Free Penne Featured on BoroughBoxPasta d'Alba Organic Gluten-Free Penne Featured on BoroughBox

Whether it’s fresh-milled or stone-ground, whole or ancient grain, organic or biodynamic, we can’t find more perfect Italian pasta so full of love, anywhere else! Expertly crafted to be enjoyed while surrounded by nature, visit the Artisan Olive Oil Company’s shop on our site to perfect that Spring pasta you’ve been craving since winter began.

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