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  1. Christmas Gift Guide for Beer Lovers

    Christmas Gift Guide for Beer Lovers

    Still having problems looking for a gift for those tricky family members? Your solution: Beer. Who doesn’t love it?

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  2. Vegan and Ethical Gift Guide

    Vegan and Ethical Gift Guide

    Looking for ethically sourced, sustainably packaged or downright vegan gifts this Christmas? We’ve got you covered!

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  3. Christmas Gift Guide for Chocolate Lovers

    Christmas Gift Guide for Chocolate Lovers

    Desperately searching for the definitive gift for all the chocoholics in your life? This week, we’re showcasing some of our favourite chocolatey treats. From curated collections to luxurious decadence, this Christmas could be the most indulgent yet!

    1. Chocolate Taster Gift Box

    Let’s start off small… The Chocolate Taster Box is ideal for the choco-holics that fancy something new and exciting. The lucky recipient will discover four very different bars of artisan chocolate alongside a magical box of sparkling mini chocolate pearls.

    2. Raspberry Champagne Truffles

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  4. Gift Guide for Grannies

    Gift Guide for Grannies

    Our grannies have had a tough 2020 with all that’s been going on. So we came up with a way of rescuing them this Christmas. Louis from our content team called his Granny, Angela and talked her through the BoroughBox gift selection to find out what she’d love this Christmas. Now THAT’S dedication! Hand-picked for their feel-good factors, we’ve curated a selection of festive favourites and traditional delicacies sure to guarantee that our venerable grandmothers end the year on a high.


    Treat your granny to some delicious bubbly and classic smoked salmon this Christmas. Cured with Herefordshire cider and apple, MacNeil’s Smokehouse uses traditional methods to harness all the smokey goodness, without

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  5. Gifts for Cheese and Meat Lovers

    Gifts for Cheese and Meat Lovers

    We’re getting closer and closer to the big day and we’re just as excited as you are. This week’s Christmas guide is here to tempt you with meat and cheese treats to rival your local deli! From the UK’s finest charcuterie, to craft beers and DIY sets, dive in and emerge laden with artisanal Christmas gifts!

    1. Beer Meat Hot Gift Box

    With two fantastic dry and spicy craft beers and an array of meaty snacks including delicious English charcuterie and Made for Drink’s salami chips, this could be the Christmas treat of the year. Experiment with spicy sauces and even double up on the beer… too good to be true?

    2. Make Your Own Sausage Gift Box

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  6. Christmas Gift Guide for Him

    Christmas Gift Guide for Him

    Stuck looking for a gift for a man in your life? We understand. They can be notoriously difficult to buy for. Too much aftershave. You can’t buy ANOTHER pair of socks, and how much beard balm does one man need?  Fear not, we’ve got your back! This is our ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Him. We hope there’s something here for the special men in your life. Enjoy! 



    Our Man Box is your answer to those tricky gifts you can never quite get right. Why stick to just one thing? Get him a selection! Featuring a range of the finest craft beers and artisanal snacks, introduce your man to exciting new flavours and sensations with this box

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  7. Christmas Guide for Gin Lovers

    Christmas Guide for Gin Lovers

    Christmas is a time for compassion, generosity, community… and getting a little bit tipsy! What better way to end 2020 than with craft gin and artisanal tonics? Treat the gin lover in your life to a truly special G&T this Christmas with one (or more) of our (g)inspiring selections!

    Try Something New!

    Experimental Gin and Tonic Gift Hamper

    Try something new with Copper in the Clouds’ Flower Bomb gin. Crafted to tell the story of British spring time, this sumptuous tipple is packed full of flower power.  Chamomile and bitter orange blossom give depth and length. Rose, lavender and jasmine provide complex floral flavours and the heather flowers, calendula and violet offer wonderfully delicate top notes. If you’re looking for a gift to

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  8. Boroughbox Ultimate Advent Calendar Guide

    Boroughbox Ultimate Advent Calendar Guide

    Welcome to our BoroughBox guide to all things Advent! What better way to get excited in the lead up to Christmas than a box full of mystery goodies? From vegan snacks to craft gin and tonic, our collection has everything you could imagine behind those 24 doors.

    While Christmas Day is always amazing, opening gifts 24 days in a row is the real deal. Tucked away behind small doors, tantalising treats await. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    Advent calendars are not as old as Christmas though. Nowhere near! It was in the early 1900s that the world first saw a specially printed advent calendar. A young German man called Gerhand Lang was given a sweet by his mother for every day of Advent while he was a child. As he grew, his happy childhood memories never left him. At the time, Protestants in Germany used to count down the days to Christmas by lighting candles or writing on doors in chalk.


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  9. The Ultimate Guide to Bonfire Night

    The Ultimate Guide to Bonfire Night

    We know 2020 hasn’t been the greatest year on record… but we’re heading towards the end, and here at BoroughBox we’re determined to make the most of it!

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  10. A Brief History of Halloween

    A Brief History of Halloween

    Halloween is an ancient festival, older than Rome and Christmas. I mean, ‘Trick or Treating’ has its roots in pagan times for hallow’s sake!

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