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  1. Easter 2021: BoroughBox Gift Guide

    Easter Gift Guide

    Easter 2021: BoroughBox Gift Guide

    Spring is upon us and Easter is just around the corner. Take a look at our expert Gift Guide and get ready to pop the prosecco and share in hearty fare with family near, this Easter weekend. 

    From tempting Spring tipples to tasty chocolate treats for the little terrors, make your bank holiday weekend something special with this selection of celebratory sweetnesses.

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  2. A Guide to Immunity-Boosting Food and Drink

    Boost Your Immunity Blog BoroughBox

    A Guide to Immunity-Boosting Food and Drink

    As the weather (hopefully) warms and vaccines are rolled out across the world, it’s more important than ever to maintain a fortified and healthy immune system. So, we’ve put together a guide with some of our top natural, immunity-boosting goodies to keep you nice and healthy.

    From health tonics to ginger shots, this array of energy-boosting, vitamin-rich treats are perfect to mark a new beginning this Spring.

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  3. Pasta d'Alba: Italian, Organic and Family Owned

    Pasta d'Alba Founder Dario with Organic Durum Wheat Tagliatelle Featured on BoroughBox
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  4. Celebrating BoroughBox’s Female Entrepreneurs

    Celebrating BoroughBox’s Female Entrepreneurs

    Celebrating BoroughBox’s Female Entrepreneurs

    At BoroughBox we're proud to partner with countless women in business. Whether it's homeschooling during the pandemic, growing  a small business or both all at once, we can’t think of any more important leaders in this struggle, than mums.

    Whether it’s the mum elected Prime Minister of New Zealand, leading the world through COVID, the step-mum recently appointed Vice President of the US, or the mum you see homeschooling her children in the park in the morning, each one is worthy of the same celebration. 

    That’s why we want to use this day to shine a light on some of our outstanding marketplace

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  5. Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    This Mother’s Day, make Mum proud with something that’s precisely what she wished for. We’re on hand to help you find out exactly what that is. While every mother is utterly unique, when it comes to a tipple, a tea, a nibble, or a natter, they all delight in a good gift, don’t they?

    From the very finest tipples to sea salt fudge or parmesan biscuits, there’s truly something for every mum, no matter what she might like.

    The Tippler

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  6. An Interview with Our COO - James Barber

    An Interview with Our COO - James Barber

    Hi James! Firstly can you tell us what you do at BoroughBox?
    I’m Chief Operating Officer here, my role is really about making sure that BoroughBox operates smoothly and efficiently, and as a team we’re doing the right things to help the company to grow and service our customers.

    It’s a really varied role and I get involved in all aspects of the business, from making sure that our gifts are well packed, speaking with new producers joining our marketplace or fulfilment services, to working with our corporate partners to create the best gifts for them and then even fixing the office toilet when it breaks (I never thought I’d be able to add plumbing as a skill on my CV!).

    What were you doing before you joined BoroughBox and what attracted you to the company?
    I’ve worked for a few different companies, large and small - always focussed on e-commerce and online selling. 

    I’ve always been interested

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  7. Be Good To Your Gut

    Be Good To Your Gut

    Have you ever considered how much the gut comes up in daily conversation? From ‘trusting your gut’ to having a ‘gut feeling’ about something. 

    The big question is - could you define exactly what the gut is?

    What we do know is that the gut is one of the most important parts of your body. It influences everything from health to happiness! Here, we take a look at the most fascinating, phenomenal and far-fetched facts about this mysterious organ.

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  8. Five Top Veganuary Tips

    Five Top Veganuary Tips

    Umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to give Veganuary a go this year? Maybe you’ve already started and have hit your first hurdle? Taking on any kind of challenge can be pretty daunting, so Boundless Activated Snacking is here to make it one step easier!

    Without further ado, here are our top 5 tips for surviving Veganuary:

    1) The Struggle Is Real: Sleep & Supplements

    Switching up your diet can feel intense mentally & physically, especially if you’ve not been weaning off dairy or transitioning into plant-based substitutes. You’ll probably experience all kinds of crazy changes, and initial symptoms may include headaches, fatigue and breakouts.

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  9. Everything You Need To Know About Champagne

    Everything You Need To Know About Champagne

    Champagne is infamous for its status, taste and fizzy indulgence. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about the decadent drink here so you can show off your know-how this Christmas.

    First, some quick tips:

    - If you want to look fancy, hold the bottle from the base, with your thumb secure in the space at the bottom (that’s why it’s there)!

    - When pouring, be patient and pour a little in each glass before topping up fully! No one wants a sticky glass… or to waste delicious champagne!

    With that out of the way… you may be wondering what actually IS champagne?

    1. Champagne is a wine

    It may seem obvious, but though often in its own section at the supermarket, champagne is still technically a wine! The difference is in the fizz. But how is the fizz conjured up?

    2. Why it’s fizzy

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  10. Christmas: Brazil versus UK

    Christmas: Brazil versus UK

    We all love Christmas. But sometimes we forget about how the rest of the world celebrates it.

    I’m from Brazil (Pedro from the content team). So, I’m going to talk about the traditions of my beautiful, wild and restless home country, and how they differ to those in the UK.

    Christmas in Brazil

    Now, my Christmas is pretty different when compared to a British Christmas. Let me explain:

    Dreaming of a white Christmas

    The first thing you’d notice is the temperature change. Brazil, being in the southern hemisphere, is extremely hot during Christmas.

    No white Christmas for us!
    ***weeps as the snowman of his heart melts into water***

    The night before Christmas

    Our festivities start slightly earlier too. Families gather on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day.

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