Black Pepper & Sea Salt Crackling Jar

sold by The Snaffling Pig Co

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Product code: 44-PIG/JAR/BPS

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If there's one thing better than a bag of crackling, it's a jar of crackling! Our gift jars are high quality, reusable items, but they're a mere side show to the epic porky goodness inside, which in this case is our beautifully balanced Black Pepper.
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Take one high quality, reusable 1.5 ltr jar, fill it with what we reckon is close to porky utopia and what have you got? Yup, the perfect gift for the one you piggin' love. Either that, or quite a strange ornament.

Our Black Pepper flavour is more subtle than some of our porky adventures, but that's its beauty. The addition of Sea Salt results in flavour as fantastically balanced as the Snaffling Pig's nephew; the Acrobat Pig.