Bees Wax Wrap Large

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Beeswax wraps as a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic and clings film. Wrap your food, sandwiches, cheese, leftover fruit and veg or cover a bowl with these gorgeous and reusable wraps. All wraps are handcrafted in London, only using the best natural ingredients, are washable in cold water and reusable up to one year. Due to the anti-bacterial properties of the beeswax, your food is being kept fresh for longer. The wraps come in various different designs and patterns.

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The Pretty Bee Fresh Large wrap is perfect to cover half a loaf of bread or bigger bowls. It's also great for any larger sandwiches or to cover a tray. 

(37cm x 27cm)

How to wrap: 

With the warmth of your hands, the wraps can be formed around any product and will hold its shape, creating a breathable seal. They can be easily washed with cold water and reused for a year or longer. Due to beeswax being naturally anti-bacterial, it keeps your food fresh for longer and is more hygienic than conventional cling film. All wraps are handcrafted using 100% cotton fabric, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and beeswax from local London bees.

Caring for your wrap:

Do not use in high temperatures and keep away from open flames. Not suitable for use in the microwave or the oven. Not to use in a washing machine or dishwasher. Do not dry over a heater. Make sure bowls are cold before wrapping around. Do not use with raw meat or raw fish.

Suitable for fridge and freezer.