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How satisfaying to be able to look at your cake masterpiece sitting on its beautiful cake stand and say...I baked this!! This bundle contains all the essentials you need to bake an amazingly delicious looking cake.

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This bundle contains:

Rice DK Melamine Cake Stand with Stem - Height 18cm: This large Rice DK melamine stand is a lovely way to display your little party treats. It's not just for cakes and oven treats. You may find it useful as a display stand for finger food at gatherings and food fests. As with all Rice DK melamine products, the cake stand is dishwasher safe and easily stored.

Wharfe Valley Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil - 500ml: Created using the traditional chemical free method of swathing, this rapeseed oil is grown and produced in Whafe Valley Farm in the Yorkshire countryside. This is a very versatile oil, delicious for cooking, on salads and brilliant for baking. Because it can withstand high temperatures during the cooking process, it is an essential oil for all practical cooking. Rapeseed is high in unsaturated fat and when used as part of a balanced diet, helps reduce cholesterol.

Uncle Roy Vanilla Extract - 50ml: Natural Vanilla Extract in a sunflower oil base with no additives. Just a whole lot of flavour and essential aroma. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free, nut free, caffeine free, dairy free and soya free.

Gilchesters Organics Unbleached White Strong Wheat Flour - 1.5kg: This unbleached white flour from Gilchesters is milled from their own heritage grains. It rises well and produces when baked a lovely creamy colour.

Sugavida - 250g: SugaVida™ could be the most nutritious natural sweetener discovered to date. It is a perfect alternative to processed sugar and offers many different health benefits - 100% organic & unrefined, Delicious, caramel-like taste (not synthetic!), Low GI of 40, You can use 50% less than sugar, Rich, bio-available, plant- based source of Vitamin B12, Only 3% fructose sugar, Both alkaline & alkalising.

Receive Free UK mainland delivery for all orders over £25 as well as a free Greenwich Pantry Jute bag!!
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