Ajika Green & Mild Chilli Paste

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Bringing something new to the UK, Ajika adds seasoning, mild heat and fantastic flavours to any snack or dish.

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Ajika brings the exciting taste of the Caucasus to the UK for the first time for the wider market of foodies and spice lovers.

Ajika is a generation old ingredient - an aromatic spice blend of natural herbs, garlic and spice blends used to flavour any dish, and can be easily adapted to any cuisine.

Legend would have it that, as Ajika was always traditionally a major part of the diet of the peoples of the Caucasus, and often used as an alternative to salt, it was considered the secret to the longevity of the locals who used it.

The red variety Ajika is often the more well-known, but the green variety, also widely used in the Caucasus, is just as delicious and offers a variation on an already wonderful flavour. So again we have captured the true authentic flavours of Green Ajika, which offers a milder heat, but is even more aromatic and works well as a pesto, a rub for lamb, or mixed with natural yoghurt and soured cream.

With no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or sugar, our Ajika range uses only high quality 100% natural spice blends. They are vegan friendly, gluten free and low-in-fat.

Ingredients: Red Chilli Flakes, Salt, Garlic, Water, Dried Coriander Leaves, Fenugreek, Basil, Oregano. Mint.