A Promotional Set of 12 Italian Sauces

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12 Italian Sauces to use on your favourite pasta. From the classic Pesto to a sophisticated squid sauce. Delicious, quick and easy.


Nowadays “pasta” is the most representative dish from Italy and the sauces for pasta are a very popular products in Italy as well as abroad. It’s true in fact that we often lack the time to rightly prepare a good sauce or we may not be able to…this is the reason why we deeply appreciate when we find store bought sauces, especially if they have a good quality.

We selected 12 sauces that you can very easily use with your favourite pasta. The box includes the following sauces:

1 jar of “Bolognese ragout” (meat), 200 gr.

1 jar “Arrabbiata sauce” (spicy), 200 gr.

1 jar of “Amatriciana sauce” (bacon), 200 gr.

1 jar of “tomato and basil sauce”, 200 gr.

1 jar of “ Puttanesca”, 200 gr.

1 jar of “Vegetable sauce”, 200 gr.

1 jar of “Porcini mushrooms sauce”, 200 gr.

1 jar of “Pesto alla ligure”, 180 gr.

1 jar of sauce with finferli mushrooms and speck, 200 gr.

1 jar of sauce with bresaola, porcini mushrooms, sassella red wine, 200gr.

1 jar of wild boar ragout, 200 gr. 1 jar of squid sauce, 200 gr.

You can use a jar of sauce for every 250 gr. of pasta and serve 2/3 portions. Estimated delivery time: 3-5 working days Delivery cost: £17.50