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A delicious chocolate treat made of 5 high quality bee products: royal jelly, pollen, propolis ,honey & apilarnil, which are believed to have various health benefits including immune system support, strengthening the body and a powerful energy boost. Covered in artisan dark chocolate. 100% natural, hand made, gluten & dairy free.

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Can health boosting nutrition go hand in hand with pure indulgence?

Certainly yes! Bee Like a Bee is the first British brand to introduce the ‘wellness praline’.

This little yet mighty chocolate snack has been carefully designed by a renowned medical doctor- Dr. Stangaciu- who is considered a ‘Guru’ in the world of Apitherapy - a therapeutic system that is based on the use of bee products.

A combination of royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, raw honey and apilarnil- all gathered from the remote areas of Romania- Transylvania, covered in high quality dark chocolate. It has the form of a chocolate praline which is a lovely treat to have at any time of the day especially when feeling run down, weak and/or stressed.

Each bag has 30 individually wrapped chocolates

Net weight: 30 x 5g

Store in cool, dark dry place(12-20 C).

Best before: 6 months after shipping date.


Filling: Honey, pollen, propolis,royal jelly,apilarnil.

Coating: Dark Chocolate (min. 70% cocoa): Cocoa mass,sugar,cocoa butter,sunflower lecithin, vanilla natural extract.

Nutrition per praline-5g:

Energy: 22Kcal; Fat:1g Sat.fat:0,6g; Protein:0.3g

Sugars:0,8g Fibre:0.6g

Protein:0.3g Carbs:2.6g

May contain nuts & milk. Allergens: Honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, apilarnil. Gluten free & dairy free ingredients; halal.

Recommended daily dosis by our Doctor: 3 pralines which may be taken every day with intention of improving overall wellbeing. Regular daily consumption especially recommended when body’s immune system or strength is low.


Suitable for children above 12 months of age.

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