100% Aronia Berry Juice (8 bottles)

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433-8No bottles of 100% ARONIA BERRY JUICE

100% pure Aronia Berry Juice. A full bodied fruit juice with a unique flavour. Drink neat in small quantities (4 shots per day). A versatile juice great mixed with soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, or for deep red decorative sauces or cooking. The perfect health conscious gift for foodie friends.
Delivered in four boxes containing 2 x 330ml glass bottles each. Delivery included.

100% pure slow pressed Aronia Berry Juice produced from berries grown and processed on-site at Johnsons family farm in Kent.

Aronia berries are high in antioxidants, and contain anthocyanins, polyphenols, and flavanoids.

Mix with other fruit juices, tonics, squash or water. Add to your smoothie or sports drink. A great colourful addition to cider, cocktails, spirits and champagne.

Create your own deep red decorative sauces. Use as a red wine alternative when cooking. Or, add to your ice cream or yoghurt.

Suitable for diabetics, vegans or vegetarians.

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